Brewzilla & Electric Brewing

Brewzilla is a mid-level electric kettle brewing system.  It offers some nice automation features that are practical and useful, and the price-point is not much higher than the economy brew kettles, but significantly lower than the Grainfather.   The new Gen4 Models are coming out this fall and are WIFI/Bluetooth enabled.  Gen3 Models are out now, and you save about $150 versus the comparable WIFI/Bluetooth Gen4Step mashing is programmable to 6 stages.  The Brewzilla is offered in two sizes, 9.5 gallon and 17.1 gallon, with the intention to accommodate 5 gallon and 10 gallon batches respectively.  The 9.5 gallon model has the option of a 110V or 220V power and plug (if 220V works in your space, get the 220V)  and has a max grain capacity of 23.5 lbs which is plenty for most 5 gallon batches.  Brewzilla has a stainless steel grain basket with a false-bottom that effectively works similar to the colander method.  The basket fits inside the main kettle during the mash, then is raised to drain off during the lauter. To start your brew, fill the kettle with your water (volume markers are stamped into the inside steel), set the strike temperature on the digital controller (or program the entire mash), and it will beep at you when the water has reached that temperature.  Stir in your grains and you have some time to enjoy a cold homebrew while you wait for the first stage of magic to happen .  When the mash is complete, you raise the grain basket and recirculate via the built-in pump until the wort runs clear.  Then you remove the malt basket and discard your grains and the boil should be already starting.  Post-boil, an immersion chiller is included, and there is a ball valve for easy transfer.    

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Brewzilla 17.1 gallon 220V model (starting around $800) holds 41.5 pounds of grain.   It has the digital controller to set or program your temperatures as you would expect, but also features even more control by using which combination of the three burners that allow you to control how much force you’re using to heat.  For boiling strike water or cleaning, you can turn on all 3 burners and blast away!  But once you’re working with wort, you’ll want to exercise some caution so as not to burn the sugars and once you reach your desired temperature, there is no reason to use the full power that is available.  

There are a bunch of Add-Ons, and you’ll definitely want the neoprene jacket ($30) and whirlpool arm ($20).  If you’re using the immersion chiller, you’ll probably want the connection kit ($22).  The hop spider and pulley systems you might want to look at other options, and the clear sight-glass broke after a few uses.  You can add a distillation capability as well, but check on the legality of this in your location.  

Brewzilla Gen4 17.1G 220V ($800)

Brewzilla Gen4 9.25G 220V ($600)

Brewzilla Gen4 9.25G 110V ($600)

Brewzilla Gen3 17.1G 220V ($650)

Brewzilla Gen3 9.25G 220V ($450)

Brewzilla Gen3 9.25G 110V ($400)

 The 9 gallon (for 5 gallon batches) DigiMash (lower-end cousin to the Brewzilla) model is offered as part of the Premium Electric All-Grain Home Brewing Kit in a choice of 110V or 220V models starting at $420, and includes a mash-ready electric kettle. Fermonster fermentor, neoprene jacket, copper immersion chiller, food grade plastic bottling bucket, mesh bags, thermometer, hydrometer, tubing, bottling wand, capper and caps, sanitizaer and cleaning brush, large stainless steel spoon, and even a recipe kit to get you started!  

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