Why Do You Need a Brewery In Your House? Because You Can:

  • Make twice as much beer for less than half the cost you pay at the store
  • Clone hard-to-find beers not available in your area like Heady or Pliny
  • Clone your favorite seasonal beers fresh anytime of year
  • Create your own beers the way YOU want them to taste
  • Transform yourself from beer connoisseur to Master Home Brewer
  • Brewing is fun!!!

Where Do I Learn How to Build My Brewery? Right Here!

  • We will walk you through the different setups
  • We’ll introduce you to the most modern equipment, as well as, classic and DIY gear
  • We will help you select the right gear for you
  • We will answer your questions and concerns

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Do you love beer?  Do you wish you could own your own brewery?  With homebrewing, YOU CAN!!!   Homebrewing can be a very simple process, and it’s probably best to start out simple.  As we gain knowledge and experience, we usually want to add some sophistication to our setup and try to make our homebrew system more and more like a miniature commercial brewery.  It’s entirely up to you how complex you want to get and how fast you want to get there.  Maybe you’re just curious about brewing and want know where to begin?  Maybe you’ve been brewing extract recipes and want to step up to all-grain brewing?  Maybe you want to modernize your equipment and want an outside perspective on the latest trends and innovations?  Maybe you’re an experienced homebrewer looking to upgrade your fermenter or upgrade your brewhouse.  Or maybe you are in the enviable position where budget is not a major constraint and you need to figure out which equipment will deliver the versatility and level of quality, automation and performance you want before you drop a few $k on a WIFI/Bluetooth enabled, all-in-one brewing system, stainless steel conical fermenters, premium grain crushers, and all of the connecting and testing equipment available?  We’ll provide you an overview of the brewing processes and ingredients, with the primary emphasis on selecting the right equipment for you.  Whatever your situation, we’re here to help you on that journey! 

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