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Our top recommendations for reading up on Brewing

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You want flavor?  Learn beer tasting in the 2nd edition of Randy Mosher’s classic.  Or pairing beers with food from the perspective of brewer Garrett Oliver or  chef & sommelier Schuyler Schultz!

HopHead?  You want The New IPA–absolutely phenomenal book on maximizing hop intensity.  Or learn about the basic ingredients of beer in-depth.

You like the funk?Are Belgian’s or Sours your thing?  Brew Like a Monk, Farmhouse Ales, and Wild Brews will get you there!

Designing Great Beers is one of the most helpful books out there if you want to truly brew YOUR own beers.

Wanna live the dream of owning a commercial brewery through the words of two craft beer legends, Sam Calagione and Jim Koch?  These guys made it, and the books are funny as hell! 



Tired eyes from staring at the screen all day?  Or just like to multi-task while your working or working out?  An Audible subscription reads the books to you while you work, work out, or just relax!


Our top recommendations for reading up on BBQ!

Meathead explains in plain English how to make great BBQ — then he slams it home with explanations of all of the science behind how and why things work or don’t work. This book is a must-have!

Salt Fat Acid Heat is just a well organized, easy to read book for anyone who loves to cook. 


And the Fermented Hot Sauce Cookbook helps you get started making your own.

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